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Gutter Cleaning

At Stillorgan Window & Gutter Cleaning we use the SkyVac gutter cleaning vacuum, which has been specifically engineered and extensively tested to cope with all sorts of gutter debris.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer the perfect finish – every time!

From moss, fallen leaves and bird mess through to deep-rooted turf in the downpipe, the SkyVac system efficiently and effectively removes blockages all from the safety of the ground.


 There is no risk of accidents at your home, as ladders are not required.


This state-of-the-art gutter cleaning system is particularly efficient at cleaning those tricky, hard to reach gutters, which most other companies cannot clean.

The SkyVac gutter cleaning method benefits from:

  • Is housed on an all-terrain framework allowing you to manoeuvre the system down side paths and narrow spaces with ease.
  • With an extremely powerful vacuum capacity, this unique system will lift and remove the heaviest of waste matter from gutters up to 40ft from the ground.
  • Made of super strong carbon fibre, this incredibly lightweight, yet super strong pole system, offers the operator greater manoeuvrability.
  • There is also a SkyCam Wireless Camera System, which is ideal for high-level inspection projects. Out operator gets clear visibility of the progress & can capture before and after images/videos

Domestic and commercial – High reach gutter cleaning up to 40ft reach.

Gutter Cleaning

Before and After

Call us today to book in our 5 star rated gutter cleaning services

What can you expect when you hire the seasoned gutter technicians at Stillorgan Window & Gutter Cleaning?

Full gutter and downpipe clean
Our specialists use modern telescopic equipment to remove any natural debris or pests that prohibit rainwater from passing through. The technicians will not depart from your property until all moss, debris, and leaves are properly cleared away.


High-res before and after photos
The machine is equipped with a state-of-the-art camera, which the experts will use to navigate the equipment inside your guttering. They will also use it to take quick snapshots of the situation on your rooftop before & after the service. These can be made available to all customers, however in all instances, you must request this at the time of your booking in order to avail of images or video footage.


1 month service guarantee
If your gutters are still underperforming after the service, call us within the next 30 days to re-clean them for free (does not apply in instances where the blockages are caused by the falling of new foliage and other debris).


Attractive discount offers
Get preferential rates when you combine our gutter cleaning service with a residential window cleaning, or patio cleaning. All provided by professional window washing experts in Dublin.

Gutter Cleaning

Don’t delay, get in touch with the gutter cleaning experts today!

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